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    Welcome to our USCCA information page. Freddie Merc's Gun Wercs, the USCCA and their Concealed Carry Magazine and USCCA membership are critical in your training.

    I joined the USCCA in 2008 as a member, 2013 as an Instructor, 2015 as a Training Counselor, and 2017 as a Senior Training Counselor. I also became a Life Platinum Member in 2013. This is one of the finest organizations I have ever been involved. I am a firm believer in training for the day I pray never comes and the materials the USCCA offers to the public are outstanding. Whether you are experienced or new to concealed carry and self-defense, these products can asssist you in your training and legal defense.


    I have some links below of offers by the USCCA.


    Concealed Carry Magazine is the #1 niche magazine in the United States. There is a wealth of training information in these periodicals by themselves. The subscription is $47.00 for eight (8) issues and you will be impressed.


    The Law of Self-Defense Protection Package offers you a invaluable information to using force (less than lethal or lethal) against another. Most people have no idea the legal jeopardy they are in when armed.


    Self-Defense Shield. I don't care what your name is or how much money you have, you cannot financially afford to shoot someone. The legal fees are staggering. Your experienced attorney will be expensive (because they are worth it), their thorough investigators will drive those costs up and the expert witnesses, well, you cannot afford them either.

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    Concealed Carry Magazine

    Self-Defense Shield (Self-Defense Insurance

    Law of Self-Defense Protection Package

    Best Selling Training Products

    Crucial Advantage Training System

    Concealed Carry & Home Defense Training Package

    Kids & Guns Training Package

    Personal Protection & First Aid Training System