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    Become a USCCA Certified Instructor

  • USCCA Premium Instructor Certification Course

    Three-day $997.00

    March 9, 10, 11, 2023 8am - 6pm each day

    If you’re ready to become a trained firearms instructor who is prepared to arm their students with an exceptional education then you’re ready to become a USCCA Certified Instructor! This is not the same Instructor Certification Course you will find with any other Training Counselor. I am one of only two Senior Training Couselors not employed by the USCCA and have been involved with their training program since Day-One.


    This course includes an additional day to account for Instructor Development in the classroom and on the range. You will learn how to better teach in the classroom and on the range. This education I will share with you over decades of continuing education in classroom teaching, adult learning and teaching with some of the top firearms instructors in the nations to include teaching FBI Firearms Instructors.


    The range teaching comes from being a student of, and teaching with, Michael Seeklander and Rob Pincus. What I will offer you will save you a great deal of time, effort, and money while you are already in our classroom and on our range, versus attending classes individually.


    I guarantee this class is worth the additional cost over other TC's. If you are a USCCA Certified Instructor in good standing, you can attend this course for $400. Please contact me for registration.

    Steps To Become A Certified Instructor

    1. Register for the class using the link above.


    At the time you register, you will be purchasing your USCCA Instructor Toolkit which includes your classroom presentation PowerPoint, 10 copies of Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals by Michael Martin, a classroom poster, 10 copies of Concealed Carry Magazine, and a USCCA Instructor Polo and range cap (this $250 charge is included in the $997 price above).


    2. Activate and complete the USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals eLearning module.


    3. Prepare to attend this class by:

    - Complete the eLearning five to six times.

    - Reading the USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals book several times.

    - Practice shooting to pass the shooting qualification.


    4. Attend our USCCA Premium Instructor Certification course and qualify by passing both live fire and written examinations. You will receive your toolkit after completing the USCCA Instructor Certification Course.

    Benefits Of Being A Certified Instructor

    • You will be able to advertise yourself and your classes under the USCCA brand, and will be provided with USCCA logos for print materials, your website, social media, and apparel.
    • Your name and classes will be advertised on the USCCA website.
    • Your classes will be referred to those in search of a class near you by the USCCA Member Services team.
    • You will be able to provide your students with a USCCA certificate so that they are able to apply for a CCW permit in their home state.
    • You will be afforded premium discounts on bulk textbook purchases starting at 46% for 1 case, 50% for 2 cases and 54% for 3 or more cases of Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals. Plus, free shipping (average of $20 per case.)
    • You will be able to purchase a case of the latest issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, the ultimate resource for self-reliant citizens, to give to your students. You’ll receive an 83% discount off the cover price per issue. Plus, free shipping (average of $20 per case.)
    • You will be eligible to purchase additional USCCA branded curriculum at the discount and add certifications to your resume by taking additional training with USCCA Training Counselors.
    • You will have unrestricted access to the USCCA Instructor Portal where you will find presentation support videos, lesson plans, registration forms, quizzes, state supplements, etc…
    • You will be qualified to apply to become a USCCA Training Counselor and certify other instructors.