• Hosted Premium Instruction & Training

    We host instructors from outside of Montana who offer nationally recognized courses of instruction, not normally available to our fellow Montanans. These instructors come with a significant resume and their training can be critical to your legal defense, if you are forced into a deadly force self-defense situation.


    May 19, 2018 9am-4pm

    One-day $149.99

    This is a live, in-person seminar presented by Attorney Andrew Branca.

    This seminar covers the self-defense laws of IDAHO, MONTANA, OREGON and WASHINGTON, based on those states’ self-defense relevant statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions. Scroll down for a detailed description and syllabus of what’s covered in this LEVEL 1 Class.

    Register TODAY: $149.99/person. If you register for more than one person, please indicate the names of the additional people in the “Notes” box at checkout on LOSD page. Use our Discount code: FMGW18

    Law of Self Defense Simulator Module (Highly recommended by Freddie Merc's).

    NEW: We are adding an OPTIONAL Law of Self Defense Simulator Module to this seminar. Immediately after completion of the seminar, students who elect this option will have the opportunity to run through self-defense scenarios on a laser-based shooting simulator. Each student will run through at least one scenario. Upon completion of the scenario, Attorney Andrew Branca will conduct a self-defense law debrief of the “defender’s” use-of-force decision-making. Every student will observe every other student’s run, so all of those participating will have the opportunity to learn from each other. The scenarios will be run for at least one hour, and students may be able to do multiple runs if time allows. (We don’t yet know how long each run will take per student, nor how many students may sign up for the option.)

    The Law of Self Defense Simulator Module is an optional add on, and costs an additional $99.99 per student if paid before Feb. 11 or $149.99 if paid later. This option is NOT available separately from the seminar; you MUST be registered for the seminar in order to participate in the Law of Self Defense Simulator module, as the legal debrief will be based upon the education received during the seminar.

    You can pre-pay for the Law of Self Defense Simulator in the sidebar to the left. THERE ARE ONLY 12 SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR THE SIMULATOR MODULE. These will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis!


    Other Seminar Options

    Once you’ve indicated your registration in the ticket form below, there are several additional options you may consider, each of which may also be selected in the ticket form at the bottom of this page.

    OPTIONAL: CLE (+$99.99). This seminar is accredited for 4.0 hours of CLE (general) by the ID, MT (5.0 hours), OR and WA bars. (THIS INCLUDES A COPY OF THE PRESENTATION SLIDES.)

    OPTIONAL: Add presentation slides (+$29.99). You may pre-order a printed-and-bound copy of the >500 presentation slides (printed six-to-a-page), and have this provided to you at the start of the seminar. We strongly encourage this, as it facilitates note-taking, but it is not required. We do not bring extra copies to the seminar, so if you want a slide packet on site you must pre-order. Even if you are an accomplished stenographer, you cannot take notes fast enough and HIGHLY recommended by Freddie Merc's.

    PRE-REGISTRATION and PRE-PAYMENT is REQUIRED for ALL seminars. Seminars routinely sell out. We do not guarantee a seat unless you have pre-registered and pre-paid. We DO often have to turn away people who simply show up without having pre-registered/paid. DON’T BE THAT GUY.


    Register here and find more details at the LAW OF SELF-DEFENSE website.


    by The 406 Republic LLC and Freddie Merc's

    May 26, 2018 9am-1pm


    This class will be the first 4 hours of our 16 hour Defensive Handgun course.


    Topics covered

    • Mindset
    • Tactics
    • Situational awareness
    • Shooting fundamentals and technique
    • Malfunctions
    • Movement
    • F A S T protocol 


    Class check list

    • Open mind
    • Note taking material
    • Ear and eye protection (electronic ear pro if you have them - you must be able to communicate)
    • Knee pads if you want them
    • Appropriate clothing for the weather (we train rain or shine)
    • A fighting pistol in good working order (bring a backup if you have it) - Rentals available if needed
    • 3-5 good magazines for your pistol
    • Good holster that covers the trigger guard 
    • Good solid belt
    • Gear for cleaning and lubing your weapon
    • 400-500 rounds of ammo, no Steel Core or Steel/Aluminum cased ammo 
    • At least 5 inert training rounds specific to your pistols caliber
    • Snacks and water (we will not break for lunch)
    To register, email The 406 Republic at: the406republic@icloud.com

    Taught by 2 retired FBI agents!

    June 22nd - 23rd 2018

    Two-day $295

    This two-day (16 hour) course provides the essential building blocks of tactical handgun shooting and movement skills. The course covers realistic handgun skills, shooting on the move, interior movement tactics, clearing skills, teamwork, and more. The training is applicable to virtually any armed use of force scenario, including home, active shooter, or street crime defense. The course includes critical skill drills that enable the shooter self-assess and continue to improve long after the course has ended. Legally defensible use of force application, ballistic realities, and other practical concerns are also addressed. This is an intermediate to advanced level course.


    Tuition is $295. Training will be conducted at Freddie Merc’s Gun Wercs range near Kila, Montana (Kalispell area). Students will need handgun, holster, 3 magazines (minimum), magazine pouches, 650 rounds training ammunition (minimum), and eye/ear protection.




  • COMBATIVE PISTOL by Tom Givens

    Date TBA 9am-6pm (Saturday-Sunday)

    Two-day $475.00

    This is an intensive weekend course that covers all of the essential skills involved in fighting with a handgun. There is an all day session Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am to 6:00pm.

    Topics covered in this course will include:

    • Rapid presentation from concealed carry
    • Effective gun handling techniques, designed to work under stress
    • Rapid reloading techniques
    • High speed accuracy at close ranges
    • Precision shooting at mid-ranges
    • Shooting effectively with one hand, with either hand
    • Fixing malfunctions rapidly and reliably
    • Proper defensive mindset, personal tactics, and more.

    Expect to fire about 800-1,000 rounds of ammunition. This course is designed expressly for the armed citizen who carries a concealed handgun, or the plain clothes or off duty police officer.

    You will need a good handgun, holster, belt, and magazine pouch, at least three magazines, a ball cap and concealment garment (vest, jacket, windbreaker, etc), eye and ear protection, and rain gear (we train rain or shine). A cooler with soft drinks, water, snacks and lunch will be needed, for lunch on site.

    You will need a quality handgun and gear. It is a good idea to bring a second gun just like your primary, in case something breaks on your primary gun. Please bring good quality ammunition. You will shoot better, your gun will function better, and you will learn faster. Leather or kydex holsters are fine—PLEASE NO flimsy nylon or cloth holsters. A IWB carry is allowed. Serpa holsters are allowed, but strongly discouraged.

    Your primary instructor will be Tom Givens, of Rangemaster, assisted by other Rangemaster certified firearms instructors. Tuition is $475.00.


    Register here RANGEMASTER for class and see the RANGEMASTER website here.