• Hosted Premium Instruction & Training

    We host instructors from outside of Montana who offer nationally recognized courses of instruction, not normally available to our fellow Montanans. These instructors come with a significant resume and their training can be critical to your legal defense, if you are forced into a deadly force self-defense situation. For the medical training we host - these folks are EMS and Combat Medics who are nationally recognized experts. HOST DOES NOT PROFIT FROM HOSTING THESE FELLOW PROFESSIONALS.

  • Essential Low Light Handgun Skills

    by Bruce Cartwright of SAC Tactical

    May 25, 2021 (Tuesday) 3:30pm - Midnight $195.00

    This is a single day (8 hour) class designed to teach the fundamentals of fighting in low or reduced light with a defensive handgun. Topics that are focused on are:

    • Safety Concerns in lowlight environments.
    • Demonstration of various flashlights and weapon mounted lights.
    • Use of typical tactical, handheld flashlights in conjunction with defensive handguns.
    • Search techniques using handheld flashlights.
    • Realities of fighting at night.
    • Live Fire skill drills using tactical flashlights.
    • Ballistic realities in the lowlight environment.
    REGISTER via email to: info@saconsco.com


    No Incendiary/armor piercing/steel or aluminum casing.

    Equipment Needs: Will be addressed upon Registration.

  • Defensive Handgun

    by Michael Seeklander of Shooting-Performance and American Warrior Society

    and Current IDPA World Champion

    August 14 & 15, 2021 (Saturday & Sunday) 9am - 5pm $415.00

    Course Description: This course is a piece of my total training system that reinforces the techniques covered in my book Your Defensive Handgun Training Program. The program will take your shooting to the next level. The full training system is like nothing else available today, focusing on not only the execution of skills but in the critical process to properly train those skills and subsequently improve your results. This class INCLUDES a downloadable version of the training drill AND videos for you to follow in your training once you have graduated class. Self-defense context is also thoroughly covered in this program, defining the distance related concepts of a fight with a handgun. This course is ideal for anyone who carries a handgun for combative (self-defense) purposes, and will benefit both the novice as well as experienced shooters. It is the pre-requisite course for those wishing to take other Shooting-Performance advanced handgun courses. This course includes a free video download of all of the essential drills!


    Class Learning Objectives:

    • Principles of Adult Learning
    • Heart Rate Management /Combat Breathing
    • Self Defense Observe, Orient, and Defend Principles
    • Mental Preparation for the Fight
    • Physical Preparation for the Fight
    • Legal Preparation for the Fight
    • Principles of an Effective Training Program
    • Carry Gear and Firearm Setup
    • Principles of Dry Fire Training (manipulation training)
    • Principles of the Firing Cycle (high performance marksmanship)
    • Live Fire Micro and Macro Drills (firing cycle)
    • Low Light Handgun Operation (practical application limited by the range)
    • Concepts of a Proper Live Fire Training Session

    Required Gear:

    • Serviceable handgun and magazines (2-3) or speed loaders (2-3)
    • Handgun carry gear (we recommend your daily carry holster and gear)
    • 800 rounds of ammunition *Note, this is an estimated quantity due to the unique flexibility of the program, students may shoot more or less
    • 10 rounds of dummy ammunition (your caliber)
    • Concealing garment (if you carry concealed)
    • Firearms rated eye protection
    • Electronic hearing protection
    • Personal comfort items (chair, water, snacks, sunscreen, etc.)