• Hosted Premium Instruction & Training

    We host instructors from outside of Montana who offer nationally recognized courses of instruction, not normally available to our fellow Montanans. These instructors come with a significant resume and their training can be critical to your legal defense, if you are forced into a deadly force self-defense situation.


    by The 406 Republic LLC and Freddie Merc's

    June 29-30 & July 2, 2018 (Fri & Mon 6pm-9pm and Sat 8-4pm)


    This class will be the USCCA Concealed Carry Class plus the first 4 hours of our 16 hour Defensive Handgun course.


    Topics covered

    • Mindset
    • Tactics
    • Situational awareness
    • Shooting fundamentals and technique
    • Malfunctions
    • Movement
    • F A S T protocol 


    Class check list

    • Open mind
    • Note taking material
    • Ear and eye protection (electronic ear pro if you have them - you must be able to communicate)
    • Knee pads if you want them
    • Appropriate clothing for the weather (we train rain or shine)
    • A fighting pistol in good working order (bring a backup if you have it) - Rentals available if needed
    • 3-5 good magazines for your pistol
    • Good holster that covers the trigger guard 
    • Good solid belt
    • Gear for cleaning and lubing your weapon
    • 400-500 rounds of ammo, no Steel Core or Steel/Aluminum cased ammo 
    • At least 5 inert training rounds specific to your pistols caliber
    • Snacks and water (we will not break for lunch)
    To register, email The 406 Republic at: the406republic@icloud.com