• Hosted Premium Instruction & Training

    We host instructors from outside of Montana who offer nationally recognized courses of instruction, not normally available to our fellow Montanans. These instructors come with a significant resume and their training can be critical to your legal defense, if you are forced into a deadly force self-defense situation. For the medical training we host - these folks are EMS and Combat Medics who are nationally recognized experts. HOST DOES NOT PROFIT FROM HOSTING THESE FELLOW PROFESSIONALS.

  • 1911 Build Class

    by Matt Gish (FBI Master Pistolsmith)

    Septemper 25-29, 2023 (Mon-Fri) 8:30am - 5pm

    SAC Tactical and Freddie Merc's are hosting a 1911 Armorer’s Course taught by nationally known pistolsmith, Matt Gish. In this 40 hour class, Matt teaches students how to fit a 1911 Government Model pistol from parts. Each student will learn under Matt’s expert tutelage and will leave class with a reliable, accurate 1911 that you fitted together.


    Matt’s background includes:

    • 1988: Graduate of the Colorado School of Trades
    • 1985 to 1991: The Gun Room, Colorado-sales & gunsmithing
    • 1991 to 1993: Springfield Custom Shop
    • 1993 to 1996: Lead pistolsmith for Les Baer, Inc.
    • 1996 to 2008: Proprieter of Pro-Gun, Inc.
    • 2008 to present: FBI/CRG Gunsmith
    • 2008 to Present: Lead FBI gunsmith for Hostage Rescue Team and SWAT.


    No Incendiary/armor piercing/steel or aluminum casing - Bring FMJ Brass.

    Round Count and Equipment Needs: A specific equipment list will be provided to each student upon registration.


    Pricing for this class is $2,875 total:
    $1,375 for 1911 parts kit AND $1,500 for tuition