• Hosted Premium Instruction & Training

    We host instructors from outside of Montana who offer nationally recognized courses of instruction, not normally available to our fellow Montanans. These instructors come with a significant resume and their training can be critical to your legal defense, if you are forced into a deadly force self-defense situation. For the medical training we host - these folks are EMS and Combat Medics who are nationally recognized experts. HOST DOES NOT PROFIT FROM HOSTING THESE FELLOW PROFESSIONALS.

  • UNTHINKABLE - Concepts and Techniques for the Gravest Extreme, plus Reactive Pistol Concepts live fire class back to back.

    by Doctor William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting


    UNTHINKABLE May 16, 2020 (Saturday) whole day $150.00 or half-day $100.00)

    Reactive Pistol Concepts May 17, 2020 $150.00

    If you take both classes $250.00

    Alumni receive additional $50.00 discount

    UNTHINKABLE - Concepts and Techniques for the Gravest Extreme

    Unthinkable is, in brief, a tour of the dark side of our society: criminal violence. In one very full day, attendees will undertake a fast-paced and interactive overview of how Violent Criminal Actors (VCAs) think as they decide whom to victimize, focusing on our demeanor and behavior for cues that we appear easily victimized. Hands-on training will introduce robust, effective techniques for managing interactions with unknown contacts, who may or may not intend us harm, including disarming an assailant armed if necessary. The day will finish with an in-depth review of the psychological and social development of VCAs, with particular attention paid to incorporating this knowledge into a powerful, adaptive mindset of self-protection.

    Course Description:

    • How do violent criminals think of us, and how do they target us?
    • How are human monsters made, and born?
    • What do we do when faced with unknown threats, even against a drawn gun?
    In this fast-moving and interactive lecture, participants will be lead through contemporary theories and current , curated data on the process by which violent criminal actors select their targets for violent aggression. Particular attention will be paid to the internal mechanisms in play within the criminal psychology, the universe of signifiers around "good guy" behavior, demeanor, and attributes which may actually make selection for attack more likely, as well as considerations for responsible armed citizens to mitigate this risk. Previous iterations of this material have been presented to law-enforcement agencies and private citizen groups across the U.S., as well as international LE educational events.
    Many instructors present material on surviving physical attack, some address the aftermath of that defensive violence, however, the preparation for being placed at risk or even physically attacked is given limited attention at best. This "pre-kinetic phase" is, in contrast, the entire focus of this course. In this wide-ranging and fast-moving program, attendees will be introduced to current understanding of the scope and scale of criminal violence, typologies of such violence, and an in-depth tracing of the developmental path of those who inflict such violence on others. Significant attention will be paid to translation from academic concepts and theories to actionable material with relevance at the street level. Attendees may hope to leave with a far greater understanding of the origins of and motivation for the seemingly senseless violence that wreaks havoc on so many communities, as well as greater insight into steps necessary to maximize their capacity for self-protection.

    Location: Class hosted by Will Parker at 5050 US Hwy 2 W, Kila, MT

    Please direct all questions to host - contact information: 406-407-6662 or will@fmgw.net


    Cost: All-Day is $150.00 Half-Day is $100.00 (either morning or afternoon).


    What to bring:

    • Note taking materials (laptop ok)
    • Warming layer (fleece/sweatshirt)
    • Lunch, Snacks, Beverages

    Reactive Pistol Concepts live-fire class

    Shooting and Fighting with a Handgun In The World's Time


    Reactive Pistol Concepts is a 1-day course designed to introduce defensive shooting practitioners to a method of shooting that will allow for effective, fight-stopping hits at speeds that were previously not thought possible.


    In a collaborative and supportive environment, attendees will undertake a variety of structured exercises designed to increase speed and accuracy, demonstrate individual effectiveness, and identify limitations and issues for further improvement. All shooting will take place at ranges simulating the parameters of actual violent encounters, and attendees are not required to be “expert” shooters prior to the course.


    The only non-negotiable demand of students is that they:


    Each attendee will leave the course with both electronic and physical copies of the targets used for the course as well as instructions for future use in individual skill-building.

    Topics covered will include:

    • Universal Safe Gun Handling Rules
    • Reactive Shooting vs. Precision Shooting, and WHY
    • Target-based training methods
    • Accurate speed shooting
    • Shooting in tempo
    • Effective recoil control
    • Dominant & Support hand-only shooting, and the rationale for it
    • Firing from awkward positions
    • Firing while moving
    • Threat Discrimination
    • Tactics for dealing with multiple threats and “no-shoots” in the environment
    • Stress Inoculation … and much more.

    There will be a testing period involving a relatively brief but demanding course of fire focused on meeting qualification standards and resolving scenarios based on actual incidents, all conducted with concealed-carry handguns and related support gear.


    A record of student performance will be provided to add to permanent history of competence.

      Gear List Requirements:
    • Willingness to learn and courage to try
    • Safe gun handling and commitment to work at one’s own safe speed
    • Pistol that works (2 is better)
    • Quality holster and sturdy belt
    • At least 4 pistol magazines (more is better)
    • Magazine carrier (we recommend single mag carriers)
    • Seasonally-appropriate clothing, including a brimmed hat
    • Shooting-rated eye protection
    • Ear protection, electronic preferred
    • Closed toe sneakers or boots
    • Sun block
    • Pen & Notepad
    • Hydration bladder or gallon of water
    • 750-1000 rounds of reliable ammunition (though you may not use it all)
    • UPLULA magazine loading tool (your thumbs will thank you!)
    • A dark colored tee shirt that will be destroyed by use on targets

    Mail checks made payable to William Aprill to: Freddie Merc’s, PO Box 919, Kila, MT 59920

    Information in envelope with check: Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, and note the class attending (for UNTHINKABLE, additional note of half-day specify morning or afternoon).


    This class has been POST Accredited.

    Please bring forms for William Aprill to complete for credit.

  • Essential Low Light Handgun Skills

    by Bruce Cartwright of SAC Tactial

    May 20, 2020 (Wednesday) 3pm - Midnight $185.00

    This is a single day (8 hour) class designed to teach the fundamentals of fighting in low or reduced light with a defensive handgun. Topics that are focused on are:

    • Safety Concerns in lowlight environments.
    • Demonstration of various flashlights and weapon mounted lights.
    • Use of typical tactical, handheld flashlights in conjunction with defensive handguns.
    • Search techniques using handheld flashlights.
    • Realities of fighting at night.
    • Live Fire skill drills using tactical flashlights.
    • Ballistic realities in the lowlight environment.

    No Incendiary/armor piercing/steel or aluminum casing.

    Equipment Needs: Will be addressed upon Registration.

  • Defensive Handgun

    by John Farnam of Defense Training International

    August 15-16, 2020 (Saturday & Sunday) $725.00

    Group rates:
    4-5 students = $50 off per student
    6+ students = $100 off per student

    The DTI Defensive Handgun Course is designed to prepare the responsible, adult gun owner to handle, maintain, safely store, and use their firearm safely, responsibly, correctly, and effectively, so that they are able to successfully handle nearly any personal protection situation.

    An increasing number of people are seeking to improve their defensive shooting skills and expand their knowledge about the use of firearms for personal protection.

    Here in the United States, many states are currently expanding access to concealed carry permits. DTI classes offer permit holders and those who are considering applying for a permit an opportunity to learn how to properly and safely carry a concealed handgun and to understand the laws regarding the use of lethal force for personal protection.

    The course will consist of classroom lecture/demonstration and live-fire exercises on the range.

    Classroom instruction includes:

    • Situation Awareness
    • Threat Evaluation
    • The Force Continuum
    • Courtroom Savvy
    • The Physio/Psychological Aspects of Lethal Encounters

    Live-fire exercises on the range include:

    • Threat evaluation
    • Risk identification and reduction
    • Lethal threat containment and management
    • Precision shooting
    • Discretionary shooting
    • Low-light shooting (with and without a flashlight)
    • Cover and movement
    • Performing under stress

    Tactical training is conducted in a realistic manner, stressing correct use of cover, movement, challenges, and other important individual tactics. In addition, students will practice close and extremely close encounters and weapon control.
    This two day course is usually offered on a weekend with a low light shooting session at the end of the first day.