• Ammunition For Sale from Atlanta Arms and from Team Never Quit

  • Our goal is to get you the ammunition to fit your needs at the lowest price. If you are a competition shooter, this ammo is a must in your gun. If you are a target shooter, you will enjoy the reliability, accuracy, and consistency of this quality ammunition.

    We sell in bulk (1000 rnd cases), though there are the exceptions; if you are local and don't want an entire case, we can sell individual boxes (50 rnds) of:

    • 380T: 380 95gr TCJ  $20.00 per box
    • 9115T: 9MM 115gr TCJ  $17.00 per box
    • 40180T: 40 S&W 180gr FMJ  $20.00 per box
    • 10180JFP: 10mm 180gr FMJ  $27.00 per box
    • 45230T: 45ACP 230gr FMJ  $26.00 per box
    • 22355F: 223 55gr FMJ  $30.00 per box
  • Available Ammunition

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    Click here to see a list of available Atlanta Arms ammunition and pricing.


    All prices include shipping to the lower 48 states.

    Atlanta Arms remanufactured products are loaded to the same loading specifications as their new match ammo. This means that the same quality and workmanship goes into the re-manufactured ammunition as the Match ammunition manufactured for the following:

    • United States Army Marksmanship Unit
    • United States Marine Corps Shooting Team
    • United States Coast Guard Team
    • GLOCK Shooting Team
    • H&K
    • STI
    • Sig Arms
    • Para
    • Safariland
    • Babes with Bullets
    • 5 of the top Cowboy Action Shooters in the world
    • Top Lady Action Shooter in the World
    • World and National Champion Action Shooters
  • Our ammunition is well suited for all of your target shooting needs.

    Will's choices for USPSA, GSSF, IDPA, and Action Pistol competition are:


    USPSA Production/GSSF/Action Pistol
    9mm 115GR TCJ
    9mm 147GR FMJ
    USPSA Limited, Limited-10 and Single Stack/GSSF/Action Pistol
    40 S&W 180GR TCJ or FMJ (Major/Minor Velocity)
    45ACP 230GR FMJ


    40 S&W 180GR TCJ or FMJ (Major/Minor Velocity)
    223 55GR FMJ


    What do we shoot all of this ammo through?
    GLOCKs (all 9mm & .40 cal models, G20 and G36)
    STI Sentry in .40 cal
    JP SCR-11 and JP-15 in .223/5.56

  • Ammo to consider for competition:

    USPSA Production

    9mm 115GR TCJ
    9mm 147GR FMJ
    40 S&W 180GR FMJ (Minor Velocity)

    USPSA Limited/Limited-10

    9mm 115GR TCJ
    9mm 147GR FMJ
    40 S&W 180GR FMJ (Minor Velocity)
    40 S&W 180GR FMJ (Major Velocity)
    40 S&W 180GR FMJ Long (1.180 OAL)
    USPSA Single Stack

    9mm 115GR TCJ
    9mm 147GR FMJ

    40 S&W 180GR TCJ or FMJ (Major Velocity)
    40 S&W 180GR TCJ or FMJ Long (1.180 OAL)
    45ACP 230GR FMJ

    USPSA Revolver

    45ACP 230GR FMJ

    IDPA Stock Service Pistol (SSP)/Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP)

    9mm 115GR TCJ
    9mm 147GR FMJ
    40 S&W 180GR TCJ or FMJ (Minor Velocity)
    40 S&W 180GR TCJ or FMJ Long (1.180 OAL)
    45ACP 230GR FMJ

    IDPA Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP)

    45ACP 230GR FMJ


    Steel Challenge

    9mm 115GR HAP MATCH AMU (XTP Bullet)


    Service Pistol

    9mm 115GR FMJ MATCH AMU (Sierra Bullet)
    45ACP 185GR JHP AMU

    Service Rifle

    5.56MM 77GR Sierra HPBT Match AMU

    Multigun/3-Gun Rifle

    223 55GR FMJ
    223 60GR V-Max


    9mm 115GR HAP MATCH AMU (XTP Bullet)
    38 Special 148 HBWC PPC Match

  • Ordering Procedure

    We do not sell ammo via our website, but personally speak to all of our customers.


    1. Email us the following:

    - Name

    - Shipping address (billing also if different)

    - Phone number

    - Item number (include power factor if minor)

    - Quantity


    2. We will generate an invoice and email to you.


    3. Reply that all information is correct or with any corrections (this will act as a Purchase Order).


    4. Contact us via telephone with your credit card information; it is not kept on-file, but destroyed following the transaction.


    5. We will update your invoice with the FedEx tracking number and you will receive an email update.


    Final details:

    • All ammunition will be shipped to your door via FedEx, if outside our local area (lower 48 only).
    • We do not accept returns on ammunition.
    • Prices are subject to change without notice.
    • You are responsible to ensure you use the correct ammunition for your specific firearm.
    • Check your state and local laws for any restrictions/regulations before ordering.  You are responsible for ensuring the ammunition is legal in your area.
    • You must be at least 18 years old to buy rifle ammunition and at least 21 years old to buy handgun ammunition.
    • Ammunition ships Monday thru Thursday.  If you would like your ammo shipped on Thursday, your order needs to be received by 12:00 noom Mountain Time on Thursday; orders processed after 1:00pm Mountain Time will ship the following Monday.