USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Class

HBW.  Bigfork, MT (Retired USA Special Forces)

Will is passionate about training!  I took the USCCA Conceal Carry class even though I have had a CCW for over 20 years. This is not a quick scan of the Laws, but an in-depth class concerning the legal responsibilities of conceal carry and most importantly, the aftermath of a self-defensive shooting.  Will’s private range provides a safe environment for one on one personalized training. It can be tailored to fit your individual needs over a wide variety of target options, ranging from IPDA silhouettes, to steel.  Will hosts world class shooters for group instruction at his facility. The Andrew Branca, “Law of Self Defense”, has been hosted there several years in a row and will be taught there again in May 2018. This class is a MUST HAVE course if you carry a firearm for self-defense! The training I do with Will is not about competition, but specifically about self-defense with a firearm.  I’m a retired US Army Special Forces soldier, and a retired Captain with the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department. Regardless of former military/ first responder training, I’m always trying to improve.

Philip G. Condon, MT

I met Will at the Bigfork Defensive pistol shoots held each month during the spring and fall. I have seen him teach those in attendance, who needed the training, including me, with absolute, total confidence in what he was teaching and then demonstrate what he was teaching. I have graduated from three police academies, all of which had at least a week of firearms training on a shooting range. Will's training is as good as it gets. I doubt there is a better firearms trainer in the country.

Steve A. Anaconda, MT

I drove from Anaconda to Kila to take this class. The material taught was invaluable. I walked away at the end of the day with a whole new perspective. It is simply the best investment I have ever made as a gun owner. Every gun enthusiast should enroll in Wills Defensive shooting class. Will teaches with passion and is a great instructor. This course is for the beginner as well the experienced gun owner. This class is definitely a 5 star class and Will Parker and Doug Coates are 5 star instructors....

Garrett N. Columbia Falls, MT (former LEO)

I have spent several hundred hours in various firearms training and have to say that I was very impressed with the Concealed Carry class I took with Will. Very well presented and very knowledgeable about the subject. Lots of great information and so much more than the other "here is what you need to know to pass the test" classes out there. Will is a great instructor and is there to help anyone from beginner to experienced.

Marni K. Columbia Falls, MT

I took Will's concealed weapons class-wow! Having grown up around guns (mostly hunting rifles) and carrying a revolver when hiking non-concealed...I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up to take the class. Will was incredibly knowledgeable about guns, legislation regarding self defense, and defensive shooting techniques. Will was patient and elaborated well when asked questions by class members. This class is for people of all ability levels. In my opinion, everyone should take this class. I can't wait to go out to Will's range and learn to shoot correctly with one on one training. This class is worth every penny. Will also treated every gun as if it were loaded at every moment. Gun basics 101.

Doug P. Kila, MT (U.S. Army Retired)

Regardless of whether you're experienced in defensive shooting and concealed carry or it's all new to you, Will can get you from where you are to where you want to be. An engaging classroom instructor and effective range coach, Will has the experience and the ability to help you become the best with your firearm that you can be, all the while ingraining a safety mindset and ensuring that you understand the legal and ethical ramifications of concealed carry and defensive shooting.

Ian L. Whitefish, MT (Firearms Instructor)

To anyone thinking about attending the concealed carry class:
Me and my fiance both recently attended this class and LOVED IT. While both of us are proficient shooters, we appreciated how thorough the class was for beginners, and how it progressed into advanced concealed weapon training and escalation of force.
What really wowed us was how this training focused on the most neglected aspects of carrying a concealed weapon and what can't easily be learned on the square range. Specifically, combat mindset for CCW and the legalities and aftermath of a shooting.
So whether you are a new shooter or a seasoned vet, THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!
It's my opinion that if you carry, you owe it to your friends, family, and loved ones to make sure that you have the utmost competency in handling and applying the use of a firearm in a self defense situation. The best way to attain that competency is to train. And I can assure you, your money is well spent on this training.

Kyle B. Grand Haven, MI (former LEO)

I was fortunate enough to take the Concealed Carry course here in Michigan while Mr. Parker was here. The class was very in depth and engaging. Even with my background and prior classes taken, I still was presented with information that was still new or spun a different way to me. Definitely recommend! Quality instructor and course.

Lee S. Somers, MT

Anyone in the Flathead Valley -- or anywhere in Montana -- who is looking for some good defensive pistol training cannot do any better than Will and Dan. My sister and I took the USCCA class from them May 16, and, as someone who has taken dozens of classes during the past 40 years, including classes taught by top USPSA competitors, I can honestly say I have never taken a class any better than the one Will and Dan teach.

Carol S. Whitefish, MT

I took the three day version at Sportsman in July. I had previously taken a pistol class at FVCC and got the basics-which was my first exposure to guns. This conceal carry class added a lot of dimension to it. Learning about what to do after using my weapon was something I had not been exposed to before. There was so much new material to me that dividing it into three days did help. The time Will spent with me on the pistol range helped me immensely. I am left eye dominant and right hand dominant that makes accuracy a problem for me. Will worked with me until I had a couple of options available to me that I had not considered before-ie firing with my left hand, tilting the tilting the gun so my dominant eye could line up the three sights. I still have some practicing to do. But I have options now to work with. I would urge everyone to take this class. Even if you eventually decide a conceal carry is not for you.

Josh W. Kalispell, MT (U.S. Army Ranger)

Will is knowledgable, friendly and very honest. He's not out to make billions he is strictly there to help people get the firearm that is right for them, the training to go with it, and the shooting experience to keep safe, lawful, and active firearms owners up to speed on their products. Won't find a better instructor in my opinion or a better qualified gun salesman!

Mary L. Whitefish, MT

Great class. Fun and very educational. I came into the class as a novice on guns, home defense and concealed carry requirements. Wills' knowledge and professionalism taught me that there is way more to learn than just shooting a gun. I would highly recommend his class to everyone interested in gun safety and concealed carry requirements.

Private Lessons

Jenn M. Creston, MT

Will is an incredible instructor. I had no idea how much there is to really shooting WELL until I decided I really wanted to learn to be a better shooter. The investment I've made in private lessons already shows and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with him. Highly recommend!

USCCA Instructor Certification Course

Darla S. Spokane, WA (Firearms Instructor)
I am a women firearm instructor and chapter leader for Spokane The Well Armed Women group. Recently I attended a instructor course with Will and was so impressed with his passion for what he teaches. He really makes safety his number one priority, and whether you are a brand new shooter or very experienced, you will improve. His prices are below market for this level of instruction. Again, I highly recommend any of the courses he teaches as well as private instruction opportunity.

Julie H. Bozeman, MT (Firearms Instructor)

I had the privilege of benefiting from a USCCA Instructors Course presented by Will Parker at Freddie Merc's Gun Wercs. Will is a great instructor whose honesty and integrity is obvious. It is an honor to glean from his wisdom. I'd recommend his classes to anyone!

J.R. S. Bonners Ferry, ID (Firearms Instructor)
As an NRA instructor of over 15 years, I was pleasantly surprised to walk away from two days training with Will, with more valuable real-world instruction than I have garnered in the past 20 years. Mr. Parker was able to demonstrate effective methods, and provide timely instruction. I greatly appreciate the efforts and one-on-one methods. All-in-all, I know that I will be returning for future training, and seminars hosted at FMGW.

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